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29 September 2007

Our last week of unmarried life

Well, Ry's off work for the next two weeks, and if I can convince myself to stay away from the classes I TA, I am, too. Starting tomorrow, we'll have out of town family & friends around us until we're good and married. Today we're taking the afternoon for house-cleaning & relaxing, settling into the happy and imminent prospect of married life & a big, wonderful party.
There's a lot afoot on this website to tell you about quickly -- the driving, public transit, and walking directions are up for how to get to the wedding, and we've started adding information about other weekend events, too.Keep an eye on this site in the coming days, and we'll be able to keep an eye on you when you get to town!
In wedding planning news, Ry's outfit is assembled -- suit, shirt, tie, shoes, and cufflinks -- & mine willbe assembled by Tuesday. Somehow this makes everything seem more exciting, more festive, and more real. In planning news, during this past week, we got to taste our delicious cake options, choose our gelato flavors, choose our smoothie flavors, talk with our band's leader, and check in with our amazing photographer. We also previewed our ceremony to the family members whom we hoped would participate, and that got a really gratifying response for us -- there are some changes to be made, but we're so excited to have our nearest & dearest performing our ceremony. My father's been approved by the state of Massachusetts to officiate and solemnize Ry & I's wedding, and we applied for our marriage license with the city with him listed as our officiant, which was an amazing feeling. We are planning an intimate & family-oriented ceremony, and once we work out a few kinks, we're anticipating making many of you, and ourselves, cry.
Writing a draft of the ceremony was very moving for me. As the more verbose of the two of us, I volunteered to give Ry a strawman to change & edit to his heart's content,but upon reading my proposition, he changed two words and asked me to send it to our family immediately for feedback. It felt strange to know that I'd single-handedly penned (well, typed really) most the words that would transform us from significant others to spouses, but also good -- it meant that I knew him, myself, and our relationship well enough to express it for both of us. We're really looking forward to sharing our vows with you all, I know that's implied in the invitation, but it bears repeating. We procrastinated on almost every part of wedding planning, but writing the ceremony took every minute we could give it. We read books and books of ceremony models, vows, and readings; we dithered over why we were getting married and how it would happen, and we thought hard about what we were doing.
We've been working our catering manager like crazy in the last week, as she's coordinating vendors, rentals, food, flowers, and valet parking for us. She's been absolutely amazing to us, and has done amazing things for us. We can't wait for you all to taste the amazing food & see the amazing set-up we decided on. Yay!!! So soon now!


24 September 2007

server woes

So after about 3 days of pain and suffering, the server is back on two feet again. Two metaphorical feet, but two feet nonetheless. I'm off for a (well-deserved) beer.


16 September 2007

Wedding Planning Update #4:RSVPs, and all sorts of details

Well, toay is exactly three weeks till we get you all together & Ry & I exchange vows. 21 days until we're married. When we look at our to-do list left for the wedding, that seems like too little time, but thanksfully, when we look at each other, it's still not soon enough. I've heard so many stories of couples ready to kill each other as they plan their weddings, but with us, it's been just the opposite -- this gigantic unruly beast of a party has made us realize how intensely in sync we are, and how much each of our skillsets (weaknesses, to be fair) complement the other's.
We're still waiting on word from about 20 guests about attendance, but it looks like we'll have a cozy & fantastic crowd of about 125 at our big day. SO many of you have included well wishes, drawings, or notes on your RSVP cards & we are loving the process of opening each one. In addition, it sounds like you're all actually reading this webpage, which thrills Ry & I so much - we made it because we needed somewhere to stick everything we were thinking about & because we wanted to be able to keep people in the loop about our planning and goals, but this feels bigger & better now. As my Aunt Nancy said in an email: there's a whole community of like-minded strangers reading this blog & keeping up with us, and when we finally get to the party, you'll maybe all feel a litle closer to each other than if you hadn't all shared the experience of watching this wedding form.
The exciting news is plentiful at this point: Ry's got an outfit picked out for the wedding, and I have my final dress fitting next weekend, we've got music figured out for the reception (so excited about this one!), we're starting to plan an intimate rehearsal dinner for the night before the wedding, and my cousin Grace has agreed to do my makeup (phew! There was no andwer to the makeup puzzle prior to this decision that didn't make me feel like I was going to break out in hives). In addition, we're finalizing things like favors, wedding cake presentation (Ry is building the most amazing cupcake display ever!), rentals, and menus, and all our home-grown decorations are almost done (programs to be folded, cranes to be strung).
Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that we've booked valet parking for our event. Once we get driving directions up, we'll be sure to have them end right in front of the EpiCenter where your car will be whisked away for you, leaving you nothing to do but come in and celebrate! Now if only we knew how we were going to get around on the wedding day! We did just buy a (used, from a friend) car, and we have had offers of pedicab service (though we'd have to find the pedicab for him to ride), but I'm stil sorely tempted by taking the T in all our frippery.
Look for updates in the next week that include driving directions, other weekend plans, and last minute travel arrangement information. Do stay in touch with us, and know that we're thinking of you all as we start to wrap up the planning for our wedding.


28 August 2007

Proposal Story & a quick update!

2: My proposal story is finally up!

1: And on...

Meg's comprehensive exams are now behind her (yay!), and so we dive headlong back into the art of wedding planning.

Since a few people have asked, my band (Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band) will in fact be playing the weekend of the wedding, with my lovely bass playing being replaced by a tuba, as I am obviously otherwise occupied. The occasion is HONK fest, an annual gathering of street bands in Cambridge, MA. ENSMB will probably be playing outside in Davis Square on Saturday between noon-7, and then inside somewhere Saturday night. When I get more details I'll post them up here, and on the Wedding Events page.

Last night we brewed up a batch of our famous Lemongrass Wheat for the wedding! Homebrew for the wedding is something we both really wanted to do but weren't sure we'd have time for, so we're quite glad to have gotten it into the fermenter a full 40 days out. There won't be a huge amount, but hopefully it will be enough to fill a flute for everyone who wants to try it.


22 August 2007

Invitations without stamps... doh!!

Gah, I appear to have sent about 20 of the invitations without stamps on the RSVP cards! I blame my 2am envelope stuffing, and utter lack of attention to detail.

My personal apologies if you ended up without a stamp, let me know and I'll have a Marvel Superhero waiting for you at the reception!


19 August 2007

Invitations in the mail!

We mailed our first batch of invitations yesterday!! We weren't done with everyone's, but we couldn't resist starting to mail them out anyway!! In exciting news for the detail-oriented, the whole invitation package was only a first class stamps' worth of postage, so the invites have the (very) new Louis Comfort Tiffany stamps on them:

and the reply cards get a little sillier with the Marvel Superhero stamps pre-affixed for you:

This makes me really happy, as I was dreading the new postage change back in May because they usually take so long to release new stamp designs that I like. I should warn you, though, that even though the stamps are pretty, I'm not so good at putting them on straigh; don't expect perfection on the outside of your envelopes, folks!


31 July 2007

Wedding Planning Update #3: Invitations, Rentals, Flowers, and another proposal

Well, it's been a busy month around here, our procrastinatory habits are finally biting us -- only 68 days left to plan everything!!

Invitations. As I write, our invitations are being letterpressed by Rob at Goosfish Press, and they are truly amazing. We had such a fun time fidgeting with the wording, fonts, spacing, and images for our paper products, and we're both really happy with what emerged. I won't post any pictures, so that they can still be a sweet mailbox surprise for our guests, but I will tell you that the final product is really an honest blend of the aesthetics of Ry, myself, and Rob's talented work. I'm hoping we can get them out by mid August, so that we'll only be skimming the edge of "fashionably late" for our guests.
I am so excited that we were able to find Rob for our invites, he's amazingly talented, kind, responsive & creative, and we've really had a great time working with him. We're also lucky to be able to get letterpressed invites, something I've adored for years (even before I knew what it was called) & wanted to be able to do badly. There's something so satisfying about the impressions in paper, about the machines that print, and about the soft, cottony paper they use, and to be able to get them with custom-mixed ink, a custom design, and our choice of papers was such a treat! Rob, in keeping with our goal of being local, is a Fort Point artist & resident (his studio is only 2 blocks from the EpiCenter!), who teaches his craft both in his own studio & in education programs, and works with the Boston Public Market initiative.

Rentals. We've finally begun the detail-oriented work of choosing our rentals (tables, chairs, linens, dishes, glasses, and cutlery), which has been an interesting process. We've had a balancing act to choose between the aesthetics we want, the prices we want to pay, and the quality of the products we choose. In particular, linens have been quite the project, which has found me explaining to our caterer, in ridiculous detail, my aversion to wiping my mouth on the polyester napkins & nit-picking colors as if I were going to be stuck with only these few table cloths for the rest of my life. This is the fun part, really, because we're essentially designing a world for ourselves (albeit with a lifespan of 6 or so hours) -- the location, the food, the people, and the look -- but it's hard to keep everything we want out of it in mind at once, but we're almost done with the process, just waiting to see all our choices laid out on a table & OK them.

Flowers. I've finally put in a call to a well-recommended florist (well, floral design studio, they're not a shop at all) in the area & have an appointment set up. I've been putting off flowers like crazy because there's something about the idea of contracting with a florist that just seems, well, girly & decadent. I'm attracted to the idea, and Ry & I certainly want flowers at the wedding, but the process of working with a florist was just too daunting. Thankfully, the guy I spoke to was completely passionate about floral design, but also snarky & silly enough to put me at ease. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with our few requirements for the florals & I'm looking forward to crossing one more thing off the somehow still-growing to do list for the wedding.

My Proposal. At last, we come to the meat of this entry. On Sunday July 1st, Ry reciprocated my proposal with one of his own. We arranged a late afternoon picnic together, selecting cheese & bread & fruit & meat for a cold spread of luxurious decadence, then drove around in a borrowed car, searching for the perfect spot. We ended up finding it at Fresh Pond in Cambridge, where we sat with the pond & sunset stretching out in front of us, and a copse of dense trees hiding the road behind us. He waited until I, as I often do, asked him again if he'd marry me, then went rummaging in his bag rather than answering. I was, in turn, exasperated, then excited, then amused as out came a familiar ring box (he had my ring made by the same man who made his ring). He said (my memory is shaky on exact words) "only if you'll marry me, too," and asked me to marry him as he opened the box up to display my gorgeous new engagement ring. After a few laughs, I agreed & he put the ring on my finger. Almost a month later, I still haven't been able to stop staring at the ring -- it's a tension-set green sapphire in a helix-shaped titanium ring with a platinum inlay -- it's totally unusual, beautiful, and entrancing. I'm only sad that I get to wear it alone for so little time before it's wedding band time. I'm thinking about moving it over to my right hand after we're married so that each ring can have its own finger to claim.


4 July 2007

Added a bunch of photos scattered about the site, and hey! we both have rings now!


27 June 2007

Wedding Planning Update #2: A Dress

My mother came up to visit this past weekend to join me as I finally embarked on the second most serious event in wedding planning: ordering a dress. We were running, well, I was running late, and it was all because I am both picky and thrifty. We found several dresses, when we started dress-shopping in February, that I would have loved to wear, but I balked at the price, or the time needed to order the thing, or the fact that it's simply unheard of to wear just a dress (it must be altered to fit you precisely!) as ordered, or --more often than not! -- the very traditional nature of what I was looking at. The miniscule detail required to separate one floor-length white grown from another in my head was almost numbing, and indeed, all the dresses I liked varied, in some way, from that norm. It wasn't until the drop-dead date for ordering a gown approached that I realized I knew what I wanted. The problem? What I wanted was a combination of my three favorite dresses -- 1 for the color (a very pale pink) 2 for the funkiness (very unusual detailing) and 3 for the shape (a princess-seamed wonder with teeny buttons down the back) -- so I researched custom dressmakers, instead of settling on one of them immediately & feeling constrained. What I found was bolstering -- it often took less time, the cost was often comparable, or better, and the range of options was, of course, infinite -- and I was greatly cheered. With my parents & Ry cheering me on, I contacted a few dressmakers & found one with amazing reviews who still had availability for an October bride. This weekend we met, with my mother & Ry in tow, and sketched up a tame version of my ideal dress (substituting a fabric selection & one section of color for more traditional options). On August 14, I'll have my first fitting (just the lining of the dress, before she cuts the fancy silk fabric.
I'm more relieved and excited than I thought I would be; there's something so satisfying about knowing that you'll get something that makes you feel good & look good with a minimum of fuss (no dress ordering processes with hundreds of caveats, no finding a tailor for alterations, just a woman in her home's basement with a whole mess of sewing machines & a beautiful sketch). I'm tempted to share the design with you, but I think I'll save it & let it be a surprise, because tradition, after all, can be gorgeous.

21 June 2007

Wedding Planning Update #1: Photography

I thought I'd try filling you in on some of the actual wedding plans, as they progress, just to make the point that you can, indeed, keep checking back here for wedding-related news. We just signed out contract with an excellent photographer for the big day, Allison Evans. We found her through a referral, and we are so glad we did! I, on the lookout for an artist, loved her candid protraits and unique perspective, while Ry, interested in the technical process, was impressed by her skill & depth of work; both of us were completely at ease with her, and found ourselves smiling & laughing quickly.

We're planning a few other photo-related things, though, that we thought we'd tell you about.
First, us having a real wedding photographer doesn't mean you can't take pictures, too. One of the things we've heard from all our married friends is that the day goes by in a blink, and photos are an excellent way to see, hear, and re-experience everything. We're not inviting a soul we don't love, admire, or at least really, really like, and we want to see each and every one of you enjoying yourselves and being part of our celebration -- having photos of all of you will help us remember what lucky people we are for the rest of our lives, and sometimes someone just doesn't make it into one photographer's pictures (for example, there's not a single photo of me at Ry's sister's wedding through no fault of my own or the photographer's: we just passed like ships in the night.). [NB:Allison asks that you not try to duplicate her formal portraits (flashes & other cameras make an already stressful process even more confusing for the photo subjects as well as for the photographer), but other than that, she nor we have any restrictions on your pursuits.]
Second, we're contemplating putting up a fun little photobooth in the corner of the space, using Ry's diital camera and maybe some costume pieces -- we always wish we had photos of ourselves from other people's weddings, and we always wish we had photos of the groups of friends whom we love, and the new ones that we meet -- what better way to share the experience than to have a digital repository of the people who were there? Plus, it should be super-fun.
Finally, we're not planning to hire a videographer, but we would really like to have a tape of the ceremony, and maybe any speeches/toasts that get made. Does anyone want to volunteer to bring a camera for that purpose? We can pay you for your time or materials, but it would also make an excellent wedding gift to us! =)

18 June 2007

Hotel information is available!

After much clamoring from you guests, we've posted the hotel information! Thanks to my mother, Linda, for putting in all the phone time to make this happen!!! I think we say this on the accomodations page, but do let us know where you're staying & if you'll have a car with you -- it'll affect how we plan! Thanks!

12 June 2007

Getting settled into this site, bridal shower

Well, a few weeks after Ry got this up, we've begun getting our first visitors, and I've begun going through the website & fixing stray typos here & there (I am the daughter of a copyeditor, what do you expect?). We're working on pictures, links, and a little bit of color for you, too.
I'm finally starting to feel like a "bride," or at least like this is real. Ry's mother & sister threw a beautiful bridal shower for me, which I adored. It felt so amazing to be welcomed into Ry's family officially, and to feel so loved & honored by so many women. It was really a beautiful day, too: sunshine, peonies everywhere, delicious food, and I even got my choice of two silly tiaras. As soon as we get some pictures back from the shower, I'll stick them up here.
In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions or ideas, and we'll keep updating as this site (& our wedding plans) develop!

26 May 2007

The site is live, we must be getting married!

After a few crazy weeks of sick cats and relatives, upheaval at work, and assorted other fun, I've had a chance to get some content up on this site! Yay!

Please bear with any oddness over the next weeks while I get the site running smoothly, it's very much a work in progress at this point. We also hope to have some photos for you to look at next time you stop by the site.

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